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1. 1. Who will be responsible for minimizing workplace incidents and injuries?
3. 3. One of the first steps in reducing incidents is to be really strict and hard on you employees, so that we will be careful.
5. 5. How often should a Hazard Assessment be completed?
7. 8. The disciplinary policy for Brightling Equipment Ltd. utilizes a ____ step system.
9. 10. The basic PPE require at Brightling are hard hats, safety glasses, and steel-toed boots?
10. 11. A gas monitor considered basic PPE?
11. 12. It is imperative to have a main form of communication within the company you work for. What is the best form of communication that includes all employers and employees together?
12. 13. How often is Brightling require to have a safety meeting?
13. 14. If you find any items found to be defective and unsafe to use, what must you do with them?
14. 15. Most companies have a policy that says you should not lift anything over a certain weight. What is the weight?
15. 16. All maintenacne and repairs must be completed according to manufactures specifications?
16. 17. All maintenance and repairs must be documented?
17. 18. SWP are a set of instructions for completing a task that are NOT done the same way everytime?
18. 19. Incidents should only be reported to management if they are serious?
19. 20. WCB poses very strict regulations on workers and employers regarding the time line in which a WCB insurable injury must be reported?
21. 22. The Fit For Duty policy states that employees must report for duty, ______ and in good health to perform their task efficiently and safely.
22. 23. Why would management order an employee to undergo a drug and alcohol test?
23. 24. Logbooks, Hazard Assessments, and Safety Meetings are forms that are used to create safety records?
24. The Muster Point is located at the North-East corner of the property?