Bear Claw Support Arms
-Designed to eliminate pulsating and vibrations carried through the surface equipment, resulting in longer life expectancy
-The bear claw consists of 2 support arms that fasten the drivehead or stuffing box together with a large grounded base. Support arms are adjusted to the correct load, which results in eliminating the pulsating and vibrations in the equipment.
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SR II Radigan
-Designed to safely secure the polished rod from rotating or moving axially
-Designed to seal off the well bore (BOP)
-Allows producers to service their wells without the use of a service rig, which reduces downtime and service costs
-Increases safety against uncontrolled and unexpected rod-string rotation
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Hydraulic Flow Tach
-Uses the skid’s hydraulic system flow rate to calculate the driveheads rotational speed
-Extremely accurate and accounts for hydraulic system efficiencies
-Rotational speed (RPM) is displayed clearly on a large digital screen that can be mounted wherever the customer would prefer
-Turbine flow meter accurately measures the flow rate of even the largest hydraulic systems on the market
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Rod String Lock-out Tool
-Lock out against unexpected rod-string rotation on driveheads so service crews can perform work under safe conditions
-Brightling Equipment Ltd. has multiple designs to fit nearly every style of drivehead
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Ejection Clamp
-Fastens a 6-bolt to the drivehead mainshaft so the polished rod is unable to eject when a rod-string breaks
-Brightling Equipment Ltd. has multiple designs to fit nearly every style of drivehead
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Stuffing Box Containment Unit
-Eliminate stuffing box spilling production fluid onto the ground
-Many different sizes and options available like fail detection, fluid containers, remote lubrication, high temp, etc
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Stuffing Box Fail Detection
-Eliminate stuffing box spills
-Available as a pressure switch, pressure gauge, or moisture sensor
-Designed to shut down the oil well when stuffing box failure is detected
-Eliminate any production fluid reaching the outdoor elements
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Slide Hammers & Pullers

-Remove bushings, sleeves, bearings in the field with ease
-Reduce field labour by efficiently removing bushings, sleeves, and bearings.
-BEL can manufacture a custom slide hammer assembly for any project
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Auto - Luber
-Eliminate the need to grease your mechanical equipment with this auto greaser
-Set desired lubrication amount and frequency, and let the auto-luber do the rest!
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Catalytic Converter
-Reduce your exhaust emissions and your carbon taxes at the same time!
-Our catalytic converters can reduce Carbon Monoxide(CO), Hydrocarbons(HC), and Oxides of Nitrogen(NOX) emissions by (70-82)%, (50-88)%, and (80-85)% respectively
-The easy slip-on design can be installed on any engine with ease
-Federal government carbon reduction incentives make a very a quick payback period on your investment
-Anti-theft lock boxes available upon request
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Glycol Pump
Model T312-V3 5.7L Engine Mount Glycol Pump Kit

- Pump is driven off of the crankshaft of the 5.7L engine eliminating the need for high maintenance, unreliable 12V DC motors
- Kits include all components and hardware needed to mount on to a 5.7L GM Engine. Animation shows basic set up and attached PDF has the BOM included
- Reliable internal gear pump, commonly used in the industry, 1/2" NPT inlet and outlet, rated up to 3 USGPM and 150 PSI. Built in adjustable pressure relief valve
- This is the low volume version, also available in a 1" HD26 high volume model (Up to 5 USGPM - 150PSI).
- Specialty electromagnet clutch kits available to allow pump to be turned on and off as needed with a 12V DC power source, these are made to order and require longer lead time. Picture of belt clutch attached.
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Transfer Pump Assemblies
-Custom made complete transfer pump assemblies for your disposal site
-The complete package including the drivehead, pump, framework & plumbing
-Ask about our top mount stuffing box design to decrease maintenance & down time!
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Lease Sprinkler Unit
-Avoid washing out soil from water pumps, help evaporate and reduce road dust with these sprinkler units
-Can be plumbed for a single unit, or used with a tee fitting to run in series
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Zero Ground Disturbance Sign Posts
-Avoid ground disturbance permits with these sign posts with their 11 inch deep anchors
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Battery & Quick Coupler Lock Boxes
-Ensure your equipment won’t be tampered with or stolen with lock boxes. We can custom design for any equipment on the market
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Any Custom Guarding & Shrouds
-We can supply engineering and custom guards for any equipment on the market
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